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News & Publications

Here you will find the latest news as well as background information about our company, including reports, research and information about our sponsoring activities.


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At Banque Cramer, we are active in giving back to our community through local sponsorships. Our focus on sports and culture is an expression of our belief that athletics and art best reflect our core values.

Successful athletes and artists require great skill in their chosen area and must be able to perform reliably under all conditions. Athletic and artists success is also a very human achievement, a celebration of the limits of the human body and mind. In this way, this reflects the values of know-how, reliability and human scale we strive to bring to our work.

Lausanne Golf Club – Junior Elite Team

Our support of the Junior Elite Team at the Lausanne Golf Club allows us to share our values with a cadre of young golfers. As they hone their abilities through hard work, motivation and passion, we are honoured to be able to help them in developing the skills of precision, patience and perseverance necessary to excel at this mentally demanding sport.

LAC - LuganoMusica

We support one of the concerts out of the rich offer of LuganoMusica at the LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura), the new lighthouse of the cultural life in the Tessin. “Music is the only language that all human beings can understand” (Nikolaus Harnoncourt) - it is deeply human and represents in a perfect manner one of our values.