Bespoke solutions


Translating your convictions

In a time of upheaval and rapid change, experienced investors want to achieve very specific goals and demand an investment philosophy that meets their expectations.

Conviction and anticipation are at the heart of our bank’s values and investing principles.

They push us to innovate and help us to set clear long-term goals while remaining agile during episodes of short-term uncertainty.


Our Bespoke Solutions

The right level of interaction

Banque Cramer can develop innovative investment solutions and services that perfectly meet the needs of a sophisticated and proactive clientele.

For such investors, the need for tailor-made investment vehicles, asset allocation and new investment approaches has never been higher.

The foundation of our approach is based on an open, transparent and regular dialogue around the strategic objectives of your portfolio, our convictions and the evolution of your requirements over time.

Our Bespoke Mandates

From wealth preservation to capital growth, while keeping risk management at the heart of the asset allocation process, we have developed two personalized mandates meeting the needs of experienced investors.

Bespoke "Absolute Return" mandate

  • Strategic diversification across several asset classes, offering different risk/return profiles, as well as exposure to investments linked to your convictions.
  • Protection strategies, instruments with asymmetric risk profiles and so-called “long” and / or “short” positions will be deployed depending on our view of the markets and the client’s risk tolerance.
  • The performance objective is a “cash plus” with relatively contained volatility.

Bespoke "Thematic" mandate

  • This tailor-made offer gives you access to niche investment themes.
  • It allows you to opt for investments that reflect your personal convictions, while generating sustainable performance over the long term.
  • This offer is available in traditional fund format, in certificate format or in a segregated portfolio.

As an experienced investor, you and your family can determine your level of involvement in defining your investment strategy. A bespoke mandate allows you to build an investment solution based primarily on your needs rather than on products.

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Deposits & Related Services

Whether it be currencies, securities, physical deposits in our safe deposit boxes or, in the future, crypto-assets, our bank can help you to secure your assets.

Estate Planning

Preserve your long-term financial interests and ensure the transmission of your assets while respecting “family governance”.

Wealth Management

Banque Cramer assists you in managing your assets through a service offering that perfectly matches your investor profile.

Credit & Financing

Banque Carmer brings you all its expertise in credit and structured finance (SSLA) to support you in your projects.

Bespoke Solutions

Our know-how in financial engineering allows you to create tailor-made investment solutions.