External asset managers and family offices

Helping you serve your clients

As an external asset manager or head of a family office, you are responsible for managing the wealth of your clients or sponsors. It is an important task, and not always an easy one. Particularly in today’s world, it can be difficult charting just the right path

We understand your concerns. To support you in your role, we have built up a dedicated team that can offer you the same comprehensive service that we offer our own clients, built on the same principles.

You naturally want the best for your clients – we can help.

This includes an advisory service to support you in developing your strategy and making sure it is appropriate and robust enough to meet the particular needs of your clients. Our expertise in product selection can help you choose just the right products for them. And with our state-of-the-art banking platform you can execute your strategy in a timely and efficient way. We can also help you structure financings and offer your clients a wide variety of credit options.