Entrepreneurs & Executives

Time for everything but yourself

Owning or bearing responsibility for the success of a business is both a thrilling challenge and a heavy responsibility. There is the intense satisfaction of surmounting the obstacles and building something lasting. But at the same time, there is an immense pressure to perform, often under difficult circumstances.

As a result, our many clients who are entrepreneurs, CEOs or C-Suite executives lead very hectic lives. With lots of demands on their attention, they often lack time or resources for themselves – for example when it comes to tending to their own finances and investment portfolios.

If you are a business owner or executive, we offer a range of services catering directly to your special needs. This includes everything from support in analysing your personal financial situation to drawing up a financial plan, implementing it, monitoring progress and reacting appropriately to change. Our services are geared to: 

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Expatriates

Taking care of you and your business

As an entrepreneur, you bear particular responsibility for your company. Having built something from scratch, your focus will always be drawn not just to your own career but also to the fate and well-being of your enterprise. When it comes to managing your wealth, your needs may therefore not just be complex, but also varied.

Our services for entrepreneurs cover all pertinent aspects of financial and wealth planning while taking into account the particular requirements that accompany your role as a business owner. That is why when we work with entrepreneurs, matters such as succession planning, or providing for employees through pensions or employee participation plans, play as an important a role as optimising their own personal financial situation. Our experienced team can support you in dealing with these types of issues while providing financial and wealth planning services for yourself and your family. 


Financial advice along your career path

As a CEO, executive or partner in a successful enterprise, you play a key role in ensuring its continued prosperity and growth. You also have special needs as you build your career. How can I best align my wealth structure with my life and career goals? How can I ensure a sensible diversification of my assets? These and related questions will be foremost in your mind.

We offer comprehensive services focused on the special requirements of executives.

The fast-paced, demanding workload you face as a CEO or executive may leave you very little time and resources to tend to your own finances and portfolio. You will likely have to deal with a number of unique issues as well. Your tax situation may be quite complex, for example, especially if you work abroad. Your employment contract may place restrictions on your investment possibilities, making it more difficult to build a diversified portfolio. 

We can support you in these and the many other issues you may have. Services can include everything from holistic wealth planning, diversification or personal tax planning support, to relocations, retirement and inheritance planning (for Swiss-domiciled clients).


Welcome to Switzerland

A foreign executive moving to Switzerland can look forward to a great many things: our alpine beauty, the high quality of life in our cities, and the safe and well-run nature of our society.

Relocations are not to be taken lightly, however. You will have a lot of questions, from what it is like as a foreigner living in Switzerland to the choice of the best location for you in the country to the best way for you and your family to integrate into your new environment. There are many details as well, from legal and tax questions to schools to the best way to plan and execute the actual move.

With our internationally experienced relocation experts, we can assist you in all matters pertaining to relocation to Switzerland, helping you ensure an easy transition and enjoyable stay.