Estate Planning


A global and long-term vision

Organizing your wealth according to its future use is the best way to preserve your long-term financial interests and to pass it on while respecting family “governance”. Our added value consists of assisting you, working with your representatives and providing you with the benefit of our network of specialists, particularly in the fields presented below.
Planning ahead

Optimizing the present and preparing for the future

Preparing the organization and the transmission of an important estate is a complex matter, which can sometimes generate some apprehension.

Banque Cramer is a bank with family values and you can trust our internal expertise, as well as our external resources, in this area. Prudent wealth planning allows you to anticipate any problems that may arise and to develop solutions that will ensure, when the time comes, a fair and fluid distribution

Succession matters are an important and complex subject, always mixing the emotional with the rational.

The relationship that is created between the banker and his/her client is often influenced by this important subject. The matter sometimes goes beyond the financial field and the personal experience of the banker, or his “friendly” advice, will add to the advice of the specialist.

Banque Cramer will be by your side before, during and after this important moment.

Our bank works with a network of external representatives specialised in Swiss and international tax expertise. They can inform you about your tax burden both in Switzerland and abroad, and help you to insure that your overall wealth management is built upon an efficient tax planning.

We can provide you with a tax statement and help you estimate the tax impact of any potential transaction, whether it is an investment, asset purchase, or a change of domicile.

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What We Offer

Deposits & Related Services

Whether it be currencies, securities, physical deposits in our safe deposit boxes or, in the future, crypto-assets, our bank can help you to secure your assets.

Wealth Management

Banque Cramer assists you in managing your assets through a service offering that perfectly matches your investor profile.

Credit & Financing

Banque Carmer brings you its expertise in credit and structured finance (SSLA) to support you in your endeavors.

Bespoke Solutions

Our financial engineering know-how allows you to create tailor-made investment solutions.