External Asset Managers

External Asset Managers

Not the banker talking to you

We speak to you from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs, because we know the process that led you to create your own “House”.

It is a long process, which required determination, courage, perseverance and, at times, stubbornness. Choosing independence and entrepreneurship requires you to manage the day to day and to think about tomorrow at the same time.

If we speak the same language, we invite you to engage with us.

By your side


Account opening, legal & compliance, order execution: operational efficiency is a permanent objective.

Your contact

A single contact person to access our services.

Task force

A task force dedicated to EAMs, taking swift decision and action.


Red-tape kept to its minimum.


WeCan Comply available.


Investment Package

Our open architecture gives you access to cutting-edge research and practical ideas for your clients.


Buy-side and sell-side research, with practical ideas, ready to be implemented.


Model Portoflios in CHF, USD, EUR.


Short-term and medium-term investment outlook.


Offer thematic investments to your clients.

Day to day

Services & Support

Permanent access to our team, our services and our tools.


Consulting service in French, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Hindi.

Customer Platform

E-banking, order placement and access to our investment research.


Monthly Market Outlook.


Tailor-made client reporting and tax reporting.


Our Priority Markets

Latin America

Switzerland & Europe

Russia & CIS

Our unicorn is one of the last works sculpted by the late Nag Arnoldi.

Stability & Independence

We are well aware of the regulatory and operational challenges that you face.

Banque Cramer is committed to offering you the necessary stability and independence to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

Our experience in our priority markets can have a real impact on the development of your company, while our open architecture protects you and your clients from any conflict of interest.