Relationship Managers


A key role in Private Banking

Responsible for building and maintaining the relationship with the client, the “RMs” play a key role in the world of private banking .

They receive the trust of the both the Bank and the client who identifies him with the institution he represents.

The longevity of the relationships that they facilitate is an “asset” that Banque Cramer has valued and safeguarded for a long time.


Regulation & Opportunities

Increased regulatory pressure

Regulations, economic sanctions, and growing the skills required to carry out your profession make daily life complex and the future sometimes look uncertain.

Banque Cramer is committed to provide an environment offering RMs the stability that will contribute to their success.

Manage risks and seize opportunities

We have developed a know-how in markets with sometimes complex political, economic and legal situations (Latam, Russia and CIS).

Our Relationship Managers know our commitment not to abandon the jurisdictions of their clients’ residences.


Our Priority Markets

Latin America

Switzerland & Europe

Russia & CIS


Working with Banque Cramer

An entrepreneurial approach to wealth management

Innovation and risk management are deeply embedded in our culture and the path we have followed proves it. We have had success and have learned from our mistakes.

At Banque Cramer, RMs will find an open ear and adequate strategic and commercial support – including acceptance of failure, because entrepreneurial success cannot be achieved without such a mindset.

Building together

Without the same brand recognition and ressources as larger institutions, we must be able to identify and seize the right opportunities.

In that sense, senior RMs have always represented great opportunities. This is why several of our employees have become shareholders of our bank.

This opportunity, rather rare in Switzerland, demonstrates the spirit of openness of our Bank.


Our offices


The head office of Banque Cramer & Cie SA is in Geneva.

It houses the bodies and most of the bank’s departments, the teams dedicated to our customers in Latin America and French-speaking Switzerland, as well as our desk dedicated to External Asset Managers.


Our branch is centrally located, close to the famous Bahnhofstrasse.

It houses a desk dedicated to our Russian clientele and from Eastern European countries (CIS), and our Credit and Structured Finance department.


The majority of the clientele serviced from Lugano are historically Swiss and European.

Our branch and our monumental Unicorn, sculpted by the late Nag Arnoldi, sit alongside the Lugano Arte e Cultura.