Know-how and capabilities to meet
your financing requirements

There are many reasons why it can make sense to take out a credit or carry out a special financing. You may want to take advantage of a short-term investment opportunity, but do not want to sell any assets to do so. Or you may need to cover a temporary cash flow bottleneck. Or you may be looking for more traditional financing, for example to purchase a home ora an investment.

Take advantage of different financing options depending on your situation.

Today, private individuals have access to a very broad range of financing options. It is important therefore to understand what they are, and what the relevant merits and risks might be. We can support you with expertise as well as with financing from our bank in the following areas:

  • Credit
  • Structured finance
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Access to funding directly from our bank

We offer a wide array of multi-currency appropriate funding arrangements. Flexible, competitive and adapted to your specific requirements, our credit solutions allow you to maximise your investment strategy without affecting your wealth.

Lombard loans

A Lombard loan is a funding facility where your securities portfolio is pledged as collateral. Its key advantage is flexibility. At any given time, the credit can be used to help you seize an investment opportunity, finance an acquisition or overcome a temporary cash flow shortage without having to sell any assets or a portion of your portfolio. It can also be used to add leverage to your portfolio. 


If you want to purchase or refinance your principal or secondary residence in Switzerland, or you are planning to renovate your home, we offer a number of alternatives. We can also advise you on your sales and purchases of real estate in Switzerland.

We offer flexible credit solutions for a wide range of needs.

Other credit facilities

If you have other funding requirements, we would be more than delighted to discuss the matter with you and help you find the most appropriate solution. Just let us know what you have in mind.


We are also able to issue credit security guarantees or payment guarantees to assist with your financial transactions.

Structured finance

The right structure

Our structured finance department includes an experienced team of structuring specialists with technical expertise in the areas of tax, accounting, regulatory requirements and capital markets.

With its large, cross-border network, the team can efficiently execute transactions for you with a wide range of counterparties, from wealthy individuals and family offices to corporate and financial institutions. Services include tax-efficient financings and restructurings, bridge financings, and syndications, among others. If necessary, the team can access the bank’s own balance sheet and liquidity.