Investment advisory

Support for your investment decisions

As an experienced private or professional investor, you are used to making your own investment decisions. At the same time, you value high-quality advice and the analytical resources of a professional financial institution.

With our advisory support capabilities, you can benefit from having a personal advisor and team of talented and experienced investment specialists at your side, while still making all the investment decisions yourself. This can be an excellent resource to help you make informed, and effective, choices for your portfolio.

We offer two advisory support options:

  • Advisory service
  • Advisory mandate
Advisory service

Direct access to our expertise and views

If you are looking for support with your market research and investment strategy, our advisory service provides direct access to the expertise and insights of our specialists in a wide range of research, strategy and product disciplines.

By tapping directly into our market research, analysis and investment views, you gain insight into our investment ideas and strategic thinking. This can be a useful sounding board to help you shape your own opinion. If you have special research or other advisory needs, our experts are also always available for specific questions or to discuss ideas.

Our advisory service is like having your own personal research department and investment committee on call.

Once you have made up your mind, access to our product selection services can make it easier for you to find just the right products to implement your strategy. This saves you from the time-consuming and resource-intensive process of vetting products while allowing you to profit from our vast experience and expertise in this area.

Advisory mandate

A comprehensive advisory partner

If you are looking for more proactive and comprehensive support for your portfolio management, our advisory mandate combines direct access to our experts with bespoke investment ideas and active portfolio monitoring services.

Like our advisory service, the advisory mandate allows you to talk directly to our experts and share their views as you develop your ideas and strategy. But it adds more. 

Manage your portfolio supported by the full resources of our bank.

Firstly, we will regularly send you customised investment proposals based on your existing portfolio and strategy. We will also proactively alert you to important market developments, so you can stay ahead of events. At the same time, we will continuously monitor your portfolio for you, to ensure it remains aligned to your strategy. This includes sending you regular valuations and reports so you can keep abreast of the state of your investments and react quickly should a re-balancing be necessary.