Investment approach

Investing with sound principles and strong convictions

At Banque Cramer, our aim is to be smart about markets, wise about investing, and true to our role as your trusted advisor and partner.

Whether you are a private or institutional investor, you will want to understand – and have faith in – the philosophy and methods of those to whom you entrust the management of your assets. Our approach to portfolio management is rooted in the following set of core beliefs:

Rigorous analysis

We believe in using our skill and experience to turn today’s vast flood of information into useful market insights pertinent to your situation – and to assist you in turning these insights into prudent investment decisions. 

Active portfolio management

We believe an active approach is the best way to ensure your portfolio truly reflects your needs and preferences – and can adapt in a timely manner to changes in the world or your life. 

As your trusted advisor, you can rely on our rigorous analysis, active portfolio management, transparency and vigilance.

Broad diversification

We believe in investing globally and in all asset classes – both to mitigate risk and ensure access to the broadest pool of opportunities. 

Best possible products

We believe strongly in the open architecture approach. We constantly vet financial products from a wide variety of providers, and only recommend those we are convinced will be right for your specific needs and goals.

Long-term investment horizon

We believe in keeping the broader objective in mind and not being distracted by short-term fluctuations irrelevant to long-term investment performance. 


We believe in maintaining portfolio liquidity, so you can react quickly to changing circumstances.


We believe in regular and detailed reporting, to help build trust and ensure that you always know the exact state of your wealth.


We believe in constant vigilance to stay on top of market developments and help mitigate the effects of negative surprises.