Investment products

Helping you choose the best financial products

As an experienced private or professional investor, you are used to making your own investment decisions. At the same time you value high-quality advice and the analytical resources of a professional financial institution.

As experienced wealth and asset managers with an open architecture approach, we specialise in the vetting of all manner of financial products to ensure you get not only the highest quality, but also just the right product for your needs. 

Our investment product universe includes:

  • Third-party funds
  • Structured products
  • Club deals and private equity
Third-party funds

A select group

We are strong believers in an open architecture approach, vetting and selecting the best available mutual funds as the main tools for our portfolio management services. As a result, we have developed particular expertise in evaluating funds and fund managers.

As part of our evaluation process, we first classify funds into groups. We then rank them in terms of risk/return metrics. Short-listed funds pass a rigorous quality check, including the fund’s governance, risk control, management team and return consistency. We then combine this information with your specific requirements in order to decide on a set of funds just right for you.

Structured products

Products for a wide variety of special uses

With globalisation, today’s markets have become increasingly integrated, providing investors with access to more regions, markets and products than ever before. At the same time, they have become highly volatile. Risks can be harder to spot, and events can move very quickly, making it more difficult to react in a timely manner.

In this environment, structured products can be a good addition to a portfolio, giving you exposure to underlying investments of your choice while providing extra protections or options. You can use them to protect against adverse market conditions, reduce volatility or add positive return in a low-yield or flat market environment. We offer structured products from the best providers in the areas of capital protection, participations, yield enhancement and leveraged solutions.

Club deals and private equity

Alternative investments and deals

For investors looking for non-traditional options, we are able to select and propose a number of alternative investments including hedge funds, unlisted real estate funds or private equity funds.

Thanks to our network, we can also provide access to investments in non-listed companies, through club deals and private equity. All these can be interesting ways to add diversification to a portfolio and complement a classic asset allocation with increased long-term return potential and reduced portfolio volatility.