Portfolio management

Mandates for peace of mind and sustainable performance

Managing a modern portfolio involves a great deal of time, effort and expertise. For this reason, many of our private and institutional clients choose to delegate the day-to-day management of their portfolios to us through a discretionary mandate. They are a powerful, transparent and flexible resource for implementing an investment strategy.

A mandate means delegation – it does not mean giving up control. Your mandate is always tailored to your specific needs and goals. Before it is implemented, your advisor will sit down with you to examine your requirements in detail and discuss your options. Once implemented, you will be constantly informed of progress and the decisions we have made. 

Our experts vigilantly employ their skill and expertise on your behalf, and in pursuit of your goals.

As experienced private bankers and asset managers, we understand the responsibility that comes with tending to someone else’s wealth. We always manage our clients’ portfolios with this responsibility foremost in mind. With a Banque Cramer mandate, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the full resources of our bank are working on your behalf.

We offer two types of mandate:

  • Classic mandate
  • Custom mandate
Classic mandate

Your portfolio in the sure hands of our experts

The Banque Cramer classic mandate is at the heart of our discretionary portfolio management offering. With it you delegate all your investment decisions to our specialists – knowing they will manage your portfolio according to our well-considered investment views, and always in your best interest.

In a classic mandate, we make the day-to-day investment decisions, and keep on top of market developments, so you do not have to. You benefit from the best of our global investment thinking in a portfolio trimmed to your particular risk and return preferences.  

With a classic mandate, you benefit from our expertise in the day-to-day management of your portfolio.

Choosing a classic mandate doesn’t mean settling for a one-size-fits-all solution. The way we manage your assets will be determined by your individual investor profile – a function of your expectations in terms of portfolio return and your appetite for risk. To ensure your preference is reflected in your portfolio, our classic mandate is available in four risk-return profiles, each one in the main reference currencies.

Fixed Income

Here the goal is to preserve capital through generation of regular income and returns.


Here the goal is to increase the real value of your assets over the long term through interest, dividends and capital gains, with an emphasis on fixed income.


Here the goal is to increase the real value of your assets over the long term through interest, dividends and capital gains, with an emphasis on equities.


Here the goal is to maximise long term capital appreciation through capital gains as well as interest and dividends through a heavy reliance on equities.

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Custom mandate

Mandates with a personal touch

If you are looking for a more bespoke solution – perhaps to concentrate on a specific region or asset class, or to avoid certain types of investments or sectors – we can put together a custom mandate for you. Just let us know what you have in mind.

While appreciating the benefits of delegating the day-to-day management of their portfolio to us, some clients have strong preferences that they would like to see reflected in their investment approach. In our fields of expertise, we can easily cater to these wishes through a custom mandate. 

In a custom mandate you can set up restrictions on your portfolio, for example to concentrate on a particular asset class, or region, or specific investment instruments. Our investment experts will design the portfolio based on our overall investment approach, but reflecting your preferences.

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