Wealth Management:

Investment Advisory & Discretionary Mandates

Our role

A trusted advisor

Trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship. It is based on mutual understanding and is built over time.

It is only when these conditions are met that Banque Cramer can help you define the investment strategy that best suits your financial objectives and your investor profile.

Wealth management is the core business of Banque Cramer and our experience in this area allows us to serve the most demanding clients.

Our offering

Solutions suited to your Client Investment Profile

Investment Advisory Mandates

Our Advisory services give you a direct access to our expertise and our publications.

This offering meets the expectations of investors wishing to make their own investment decisions, and is available in the following formats:

  • Advisory Portfolio Service
    On the basis of his/her chosen investment strategy, the client benefits from personalized and proactive advice taking into account his entire portfolio, from financial instruments to optimal asset allocation.
  • Advisory Compact Service
    In line with his/her defined risk profile, the client will receive proactive and tactical investment advice on all selected financial instruments.
  • Advisory Light Service
    Upon request, the client receives investment advice on individual products and existing positions.

Discretionary Management Mandates

Our bank offers discretionary mandates to clients wishing to delegate their portfolio management to a professional manager.

You delegate the day-to-day decisions and operations while keeping control of your porfolio. All of Banque Cramer’s ressources are then working for you.

We offer the following mandates:

  • Classic Mandate
    The assets are managed according to your investment profile and your expectations in terms of return and risk tolerance.
  • Special Mandate
    We also offer fully tailored-made discretionary mandates for sophisticated investors who want to benefit from a portfolio investment that matches more closely to their unique & specific requirements.

Investment Committee

Hive Mind Platform

Unlike a current local trend, which tends to rely on and to offer mainly in-house research capabilities, Banque Cramer believes in the wisdom of “hive-mind”, collaborating with a strong network of top-tier financial market experts to feed its in-house investment process.

This approach allows us to gain in flexibility and opens widely the door for broader, as well as very niche, investment strategies. We are particularly rigorous to ensure that our investment decision process is protected from any conflict of interest, too consensual decisions (“yes-man syndrome”), a one-man show defect, and heavy administrative/ hierarchical pressure.

Hans D. Itburrun, CAIA

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Head External Asset Management (EAM)

Over the years, I worked in a few different big banks and experienced the fact that a bank cannot be good in all investment segments neither can they hire too many top-tier experts in-house. My philosophy is rather to build partnerships between our investment managers and top-tier external investment specialists – an approach we conceptualise as our “Hive mind” platform!

Hans D.Itburrun

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