Market Insights – January 2023

Market Insights January 2023 Janus & the Strenae In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Janus was the god of gates and doors, the god of beginnings and transitions, both in literal and abstract ways As we know, the month of January is named for him. Portrayed with two faces one facing the past, and one […]

Market Insights – December 2022

Market Insights December 2022 The Grinch stole our Christmas (and performances) After an exhausting year and two consecutive months in the green for global equities on the back, investors were probably expecting a visit from Santa Claus in December. They instead saw how a cat-like face, cantankerous, demented Grinch visited one last time their broken […]

Strong increase in operating profit in 2021

Banque Cramer & Cie: Strong increase in operating profit in 2021 Media release- 22 April 2022 Thanks to its strategic refocusing and the continued strengthening of its operating model, Banque Cramer & Cie SA recorded growth in assets under management and revenues in the 2021 financial year, as well as a marked increase in operating […]

Banque Cramer & Cie appoints Erich Pfister as CEO

Banque Cramer & Cie appoints Erich Pfister as CEO Media release- 29 March 2022 Banque Cramer & Cie SA has appointed Erich Pfister as CEO and member of the Executive Committee. He will be tasked with continuing the strategy implemented over the past two years, which involves refocusing on the Swiss-based business, strengthening the operating […]