Credit & Structured Financing


Seizing opportunities

There are many good reasons to take out a loan or set up specific financing.

You may want to take advantage of a short-term investment opportunity without having to sell assets, cover a temporary cash shortage, or finance the purchase of a home or an equity interest.

We can provide you with our expertise in the areas of credit and structured finance, and allow you to benefit from our bank’s financing.



Lombard credits

Flexibility is the main benefit of a Lombard credit. This form of financing allows you to take advantage of an investment opportunity at any time, or overcome a temporary liquidity shortage, without having to sell assets.

You can also use it to create some leverage.


We offer you a wide choice of solutions if you want to buy or refinance your main or secondary residence in Switzerland, or if you are planning a renovation of your property.

Banque Cramer has a proven expertise in assisting clients in buying and selling real estate in Switzerland.


Structured Solutions (SSLA)

Based in Zurich, our Structured Finance department brings together a team of experienced specialists, combining know-how and expertise in the tax, accounting, regulatory and financial fields.

Structured Solutions, Lending & Advisory

Through our international network, we can execute complex transactions with a wide variety of counterparties ranging from high net worth individuals and family offices to financial institutions and large corporations.

Our services include, in particular, financing and restructuring, syndication and bridge financing, particularly real estate, in Switzerland.

Dr. Michael E. Bauer, CPA, CFA

Structured Solutions, Lending & Advisory
Managing Director
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What We Offer

Deposits & Related Services

Whether it be currencies, securities, physical deposits in our safe deposit boxes or, in the future, crypto-assets, our bank can help you to secure your assets.

Estate Planning

Organizing your wealth according to its future use is the best way to preserve your long-term financial interests and to pass it on while respecting “family governance”.

Wealth Management

Banque Cramer you in managing your assets through a service offering that perfectly matches your investor profile.

Bespoke Solutions

Our financial engineering know-how allows you to create tailor-made investment solutions.