Private Clients & Entrepreneurs


Our clients are building their wealth and legacy.

All our clients are different, but they all share a common ambition: to build and secure their wealth in order to be able to pass it on.

Throughout their life, they take risks, identify and seize opportunities.

The families who built Banque Cramer & Cie, and its successive shareholders, share the same entrepreneurial spirit.

We invite you to discover how this entrepreneurial spirit and know-how translate into our professional undertakings.

your wealth

Your Expectations

The challenges that you have taken up enabled you to build an estate.
Today you want to protect it, to increase it, and perhaps one day to pass it on to the next generation.

Banque Cramer is a Swiss bank with Swiss shareholders. Its clients can count on the stability offered by this country on the political and monetary levels.

Our bank focuses on its core business: wealth management. Its rigorous risk management is reflected by a Tier 1 ratio and short term cash ratio that are way above regulatory requirements and comparable to other prestigious financial institutions.

Tier 1 Capital Ratio

22.42 %

as of 31/12/2022
8% regulatory requirement

Short-term Liquidity Ratio

237.96 %

as of 31/12/2022

Once secured, your wealth may then be organised. A holistic approach and long-term vision are the key ingredients at this crucial stage.

Banque Cramer still retains the characteristics of family establishment and its Partners are well versed in interacting with clients facing similar challenges.

We can work with your representatives and provide you with access to our pool of specialists as required.

Your estate needs to be managed with competence and loyalty, according to the needs of its beneficiary.

Wealth management is the core business of Banque Cramer and our know-how in this area allows us to serve the most demanding clients.

Our advisory and wealth management services help our clients to identify and then seize the best investment opportunities in both the short term and the long term.

Succession matters are an important and complex subject, always mixing the emotional with the rational.

The relationship that is created between the banker and his/her client is often influenced by this important subject.

The matter sometimes goes beyond the financial field and the personal experience of the banker, or his friendly advice, will add to the expertise of the specialist.

Banque Cramer will be by your side before, during and after this important moment.


Swiss DNA, International Focus


Our history

An alliance between bankers and entrepreneurs.

Our bank was born at the begining of the 21th century, from the alliance between the Cramer family and the industrial group Norinvest.

Among the members of the Cramer family, one notices the illustrious mathematician Gabriel Cramer, whose research was a major contribution to modern economic theory.

Our bank traces back its origins to 1706, when Pierre Cramer was mentioned in the official list of recognised bankers published in the royal Almanach.

The industrial origins of the Norinvest group date back to 1871, in the construction sector. The group started its real estate activities in 1944 under the name NORBA.

In 1984, under the name Norinvest Holding SA, the group turns to the financial sector, first as an asset manager and later as a securities dealer (LBVM).

Gabriel Cramer
Gabriel Cramer, Mathematician (1704-1752)
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What we offer

Deposits & Related Services

Whether it be currencies, securities, physical deposits in our safe deposit boxes or, in the future, crypto-assets, our bank can help you to secure your assets.

Estate Planning

Organizing your wealth according to its future use is the best way to preserve your long-term financial interests and to pass it on while respecting family “governance”.

Wealth Management

Banque Cramer assists you in managing your assets through a service offering that perfectly matches your investor profile.

Credit & Financing

Banque Carmer brings you its expertise in credit and structured finance (SSLA) to support you in your endeavors.

Bespoke Solutions

Our financial engineering know-how allows you to create tailor-made investment solutions.