Market Insights – May 2023

Market Insights May 2023 Climbing the wall of worry Last month, all eyes were on US politics being able to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling. A deal was reached under the wire, which brought back investors’ positive sentiment. Recession fears have been pushed out towards 2024. Even the most bearish economists are now […]

Market Insights – April 2023

Market Insights April 2023 Central Banks tightening cycle – mission accomplished ? The legendary investor Peter Lynch once said, “Although it’s easy to forget sometimes, a share is not a lottery ticket…it’s part-ownership of a business.” This quote emphasizes the importance of focusing on the underlying fundamentals of a company. Last month, we saw mixed […]

Increase in results for 2022

Banque Cramer & Cie: Increase in results in 2022 Media release- 2 May 2023 Thanks to positive inflows and efforts to optimize its operational model, Bank Cramer & Cie SA has published increased figures for the 2022 fiscal year, both in terms of its revenue, operating profit, and net profit. Download the full release

Market Insights – March 2023

Market Insights March 2023 CIO Synopsis Many bad things can happen to banks. Its customers can pull their money out (a liquidity crisis). Their borrowers can fail to repay their loans (a solvency crisis). Their shareholders can sell their stock, sending their shares down (a confidence crisis, making it far harder for them to raise […]